Bridge Boston is Hiring! – Come Visit Us!

We are hiring teaching fellows for 2018-19. Please come to our recruitment Open House on Tuesday, December 19 from 9am-12pm. Visit classes, speak with students, fellows, teachers and our principal. See first hand what makes Bridge Boston a rewarding place to work and grow! Click here to rsvp

Bridge Boston Charter School is a public school with a deep commitment to children who have traditionally been denied educational resources. Our students come to us through a public lottery that is open to all age-appropriate Massachusetts residents, with preference given to Boston residents. We welcome all students and are deeply committed to making a special effort to reach children who are at risk in their social, emotional, or academic growth. We
have intentionally built a school that is uniquely suited to support our students and help them achieve their full potential, including those students who are: homeless, SPED learners, ELL learners, involved with DCF, in need of counseling, and/or overwhelmed by multi-generational poverty.

Students at Bridge:
· Spend an extended school day (8am to 5pm) learning from dedicated teachers
· Enjoy breakfast, lunch and two healthy snacks a day free of charge
· Are surrounded by great books that promote a love of reading
· Receive free dental and vision screenings and care at school
· Participate in joyful learning in classrooms smaller than 20 students with at least 2 teachers
· Receive a first-class music education and beginning in 1 st grade, study a string instrument every day
· Enjoy two recesses a day as well as physical education and art classes twice a week
· Learn confidence, leadership skills, and grit
· Feel supported and part of a nurturing community

Teaching Fellows at Bridge:
● Participate in weekly professional development opportunities
● Teach in small classrooms
● Are mentored by experienced lead teachers
● Live in Bridge Boston housing
● Receive full health benefits
● Earn Americorps educational grants