Lottery Application for 2018-2019 School Year

Bridge Boston Charter School is a public school with a deep commitment to children who have traditionally been denied educational resources. Our students come to us through a public lottery that is open to all age-appropriate Massachusetts residents, with preference given to Boston residents. We welcome all students and we are committed to making a special effort to reach children who are at risk in their social, emotional, or academic growth – including those who need housing assistance, children with learning differences, Special Education needs, English language learners, children who need DCF support, and children whose families may be overwhelmed by multi-generational poverty. We have intentionally built a school that is uniquely suited to support our students and help them achieve their full potential. 

The majority of our openings are in K1 for children who will be 4 years old by September 1, 2018 although we may have openings in all grades K1-7 if a student transfers out. Lottery applications are due by fax, email, mail or in person by 5pm on March 5, 2018. Bridge Boston is expanding by one grade each year until it becomes a K-8 school in 2019.

BBCS Application

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