Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are at the core of any student’s chance of success. At Bridge Boston, we are committed to removing obstacles to learning, and provide services as well as information to bolster family and student health and wellness.
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Full Service

Finally, Bridge Boston’s model is built around the key design element of implementing full-service programming in order to serve students from the most under served communities in the city. Continue reading “Full Service”


Music – El Sistema

The El Sistema-inspired music program is central to the community at Bridge Boston. As the school pursues high academic expectations, it also maintains a commitment so students can experience the arts, beauty, and joy. Continue reading “Music – El Sistema”


Summer Program

Bridge Boston is committed to preventing summer slide or the loss of academic skills by students over the summer break. The summer program also ensures that our children benefit from an additional month of healthy meals and enriching educational and community-building activities. Continue reading “Summer Program”