Health and wellness are at the core of any student’s chance of success. At Bridge Boston, we are committed to removing obstacles to learning, and provide services as well as information to bolster family and student health and wellness.

Our services include: regular screenings for vision, hearing, dentistry, scoliosis, immunizations and mental health needs. We provide clinical counseling and health services through partners including Boston Medical Center, the Home for Little Wanderers, Horizons for Homeless Children, South Bay Mental Health, New England Eye, and Forsyth Dental.

Free of charge to families, we nourish students with a healthy breakfast, lunch, and two snacks daily. The students have physical education twice a week in addition to daily recess, often outdoors. Our older girls can participate in a Girls on the Run chapter which focuses on training and health-wellness curriculum. At our family workshops, we include outside facilitators like Families First as well as topics like asthma awareness, parenting, and community resources related to housing and employment.

Resources & Policies: