The El Sistema-inspired music program is central to the community at Bridge Boston. As the school pursues high academic expectations, it also maintains a commitment so students can experience the arts, beauty, and joy. The music program strives to expose children in such ways.  Starting in first grade, every Bridge Boston student participates in our instrumental music program, not just those students perceived to have musical talent or interest. Through daily ensemble-based rehearsals, students learn not only how to play, listen to, and appreciate music; they also learn how to persevere through challenges, to hold themselves to high standards, and to achieve in ways they may not have expected. For grades 2nd through 5th our students play violin, viola, cello, and double bass, performing pieces composed by Vivaldi, Mozart, Paganini, and more. Each year we perform four large-scale instrumental and choral concerts, including our culminating June public concert in Franklin Park.

Dissemination and collaboration

Our music program reflects our high expectation for all students and brings our community together to celebrate their hard work and joy. We collaborate with programs at New England Conservatory of Music, Longy School of Music, and Boston Philharmonic to bring visiting teaching artists to the school. We regularly host visiting groups interested in studying the effects of music training in secondary schools and sharing their work with our students; these groups have included Boston College, Boston University, UMass Lowell, Mass Cultural Council, Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Dept of Education and Community Outreach, Cuatro Puntos, Afghani Quartet, Red Line Brass Quartet, Rhode Island Fiddle Project.


Bridge Boston is eager to share best practices in music teaching and string ensemble performance with other teachers and learning organizations. For information regarding our curriculum and program design please contact Music Director Julie Davis at 857-229-1601 or email

For prospective teachers, teaching artists, and community engagement organizations, please consider collaborating with us or engaging our students in a performance, please contact Julie Davis at 857-229-1601 or email.

Give to our music program

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