We are excited to announce Bridge Boston will make 435 Warren Street, prior home to the Roxbury Comprehensive Health Care System, our new home next school year 2017-2018. The site’s existing building has over 30,000 square feet of useable space including a beautiful sunlit atrium. The space will include room for parking, safe and convenient bus access, outdoor play space, and a gym.

The neighborhood includes community organizations and potential for partnerships to support our school and the surrounding community. On 2.35 acres in the heart of Roxbury, we have an amazing design team working with us to build:

    • 20 classrooms to support us through maturity when we will be grades PreK-8
    • Science lab, art room, and music room
    • Multi-purpose athletic and performance space
    • Library
    • Kitchen and cafeteria
    • Family resource center
    • Outdoor play spaces and beautiful green space

                                                                                                                                                                         Produced by Tyler Reinhold.


We are so grateful to everyone who walked with us in this journey and supported our dreams along the way.  Thank you for helping us to raise over $6 million through our capital campaign! We are excited now to fill this wonderful space with furnishings, plantings, play equipment, and more.

If any of these ideas on our wish list inspire you, please contact Yully Cha, 857-229-1601 or Email.

“We’ve been on a journey together. We opened with just a K1 and a K2 in a church hall with no doors and no walls and one light switch.  And we found something that first year, something about building a community and inspiring learners and taking care of one another that we have not forgotten…Today there is a miracle afoot. We are taking a marvelous building that is itself steeped in history and has served this community and we are re-purposing it – to serve the community in another way. In its newest incarnation, this building will still be all about healing. It will still be all about making the people who enter better and stronger…Our parents have giant dreams for their children, and they have held faith in this community as we have moved and searched. For those parents today – we are coming home. We are a family, and this is going to be our home.”

-Jennifer Daly, Founding Principal

Bridge Boston Groundbreaking Ceremony, October 29, 2016